Excitement Around the Farm

Sometimes there is a lot of excitement around the farm. Sometimes it is not the right kind of excitement. About 7:15pm or so we went out to check the horse tanks and give a few treats. Tom said something I didn’t quite catch and I looked across the road to the hay ground where the neighbors had been putting up hay. Their hay baler and two or three bales of hay was on fire. A strip of a wind row was burning and another neighbor on our east side was trying to beat out the flames with a cloth. Tom went for our ATV and water tank. Thankfully he had put it on earlier in the spring. We usually take it off for the winter months to store it in the garage. A fire truck got to the same spot right as Tom got there so he didn’t have to use much water.

Surprisingly not to many fire trucks came. They kind of seemed a little disorganized. Maybe there were other fires to put out. I hope not. I hope this bunch will stay long enough to make sure it is all out for the night. It is not real dry, but it has been a few days since it has rained. And thankfully it was not windy like it was a few days ago. Otherwise I would be really worried about it spreading.


Someone in the tractor tipped over one of the bales and it burst into bigger flames. Tom thought that it would help put out the fire if they could get it spread out.

They did finally get it out and was gone by about 9pm or after.  Enough excitement for me for a few days.

Stay Safe and God Bless!



4 responses to “Excitement Around the Farm

  1. Yes, me too. It could have been a lot worse. This is the same crew that usually does our hay. Glad it didn’t happen on our place. I walked over and took some up close pictures. I will try and get them on today sometime. Have a great Sunday. 🙂


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