Hello All!

Just a quick post to let everyone know I am still alive and mostly well. I have not been doing well with the heat and humidity of this summer. We had a cool snap a few weeks ago and now it is hot and humid again. UGH! I really hate the heat and especially the humidity. I have lived in Kansas all my life and I still can’t get used to it. I used to tolerate it a little better when I was younger. As I get older it really wears on me. But on the other hand I don’t like the bitter cold either. I know I am just being picky. 🙂 I do like it cool enough for sweatshirts and jeans. Maybe a jacket. Not a heavy coat. We have had a few milder winters, and I am afraid that we are due for a cold, bad winter. I do hope we will get a good couple of hard freezes. The flies and pests have been bad this year. Haven’t noticed too many ticks, but the flies have been terrible around my horses. Even with the fly masks on, they are stuck to the mask like glue.

I also wanted to let everyone know I am really struggling to keep motivated to keep up with my blog. I want to make posts, but I just don’t have quite the interest in doing that as I did before. I never was very good a keeping up very regular, but I am getting really bad about it. I have gained several more followers and I feel bad for not keeping up for them and for all of my long time followers.

Pray for me to make the right decision to try and keep the blog going, or make the decision to let it go. I am up and down on this. Part of me wants to shut the blog down, and part of me wants to keep it going and try to get interested in it again. I may take another month or so to decide. I will try and get some posts on in the meantime. I have things I want to post about. Getting them on is another matter.

Wishing you all well. Have a great fall, or whatever season you are having. Take care.

Stay Safe and God Bless!

4 responses to “Hello All!

  1. Well, it’s good to see you’re still up and running. I’ve started a new blog (obviously lol) and would love for you to check it out. In case you’re having trouble placing me, my old blog was called joynpain2. I’d love to catch up and hopefully motivate you to keep writing!

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  2. Hi Joy! It has been a long time. Yes, I remember you. I hope you are doing much better, or have found a better way to cope with your pain. Fibromyalgia (?) was it? I will check your new site. I am still struggling to get and keep motivated to blog. I like it, I just don’t have the drive to do it as much. I am still thinking on it. Thanks for letting me know about your new blog. I do miss all my blogging friends. 🙂

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