I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We had a great time with Tom’s side of the family. We got to hold twin babies, a boy and a girl, that are about one and a half months old. Been a long time since I held one little one, let alone two! They were really good. And of course we had lots of good home made and canned foods. Ate way more than I needed. As usual.

The next day was another nice day for November in Kansas. The dogs were out and I heard Patch, and Sasha barking. Sometimes they seem to bark at invisible things, since I usually can’t see what they are barking at.  This time I seen Patch go charging off to the west into the hay ground. I looked and at first I thought it was a big dog. I looked again and thought, no it’s a coyote. Great! My chickens are roaming out and about too. I let them free range. I have lost a few to neighbor dogs, and a coyote or something in the past. Not very often thankfully. We hadn’t seen any coyotes much the last couple of years. I told Tom he may want to get the rifle and scare it off. I came in to get my phone and take pictures and a video if I could.

The more I looked at this critter, the more I am sure it was not a coyote at all. It could have been a dog/coyote mix. It looked to big to be a coyote and it’s coat was pretty dark and thick looking. It was pretty healthy looking too. It looked almost wolf like. There are not supposed to be any wolves around here, but then they kept saying that about mountain lions. Mountain lions have been spotted and even shot in Kansas. One was supposed to be spotted crossing between our property and the east property several years ago. My horses wouldn’t go in that area of the pasture for a long time. Guess I know why. I would not be surprised if there are wolves coming down from other states.

Several years ago I heard about someone in the area that had been raising wolf pups. It is illegal to breed pure wolf pups. They are supposed to be mixed with dogs. The rumor was that they were pure wolf. I really don’t know if this is true, or still true, but I have seen more than one dog over the years that looks a lot like a wolf.

I also wondered if this animal could be a Coywolf. We had seen a special on our local PBS station about coyotes and wolves inter breeding in some eastern states.  I think it was the eastern states. There is a picture of an Eastern coyote on the link for the coywolf  that looks just like the one we seen. Except I couldn’t see the face.

I do not like to kill something just because it is there, unless it is killing my chickens or will attack my dogs, so I just wanted Tom to scare it off. The silly thing was not too impressed by the shots or the dog. We did shoot a coyote several years ago because it had attacked Sasha. Thankfully she survived. I was glad she didn’t go charging off toward this coyote/wolf like Patch did. It was hunting mice or something I think. It did a kind of hop and then pounce onto the ground. That was why I thought it might be a coyote. I don’t  know if wolves do that or not.

We did get it to move off, but it came back again a little while later and moved off to the south. I don’t know what happened to it after that. Watch the video, and if anyone knows what it might be, please let us know. I do apologize that the picture is not closer or better. I also apologize that the video is all over the place. I was trying to watch the coyote/wolf and the video. It was really windy, and I was talking to the camera and Tom. So I am kind of chattering along.

Stay Safe and God Bless!



4 responses to “COYOTE….OR IS IT??

  1. Thank you David. They are all safe and sound. I just hope it keeps going some place else.
    How have you been? We are doing okay. I am trying to get back to posting on a more regular basis. I miss all my blogging friends. Good to hear from you. Hugs! ❤


  2. that does look very big to be a coyote. ours here in the midwest are skinny slinky things. it does have a good coat. maybe it was just passing through. even wolves live on mice and rabbits and small mammals. but it is too dark for a wolf? interesting.

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  3. Thank you for your comment Cecilia. I think that is why I thought it might be a Coywolf. Was the word Coywolf highlited? It had a link attached that talked about the Coywolf. There was a picture on that article that looked pretty much just like this animal. The coyotes around here too are small, grayish and slinky looking. Thank you for reading my post. 🙂

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