Wishing everyone around the world a very Happy New Year. We tried to stay up for awhile, but Tom only made it to about 10pm, and I made it to 10:30pm. We don’t stay up too much for the New Year like we used to. My son is visiting for a few days, and he made it a little later. Don’t know when he actually went to bed.
I know some of you have already had your New Years celebrations. Hope you had a great start.

I woke up with a sore throat. It has been very cold here in NE Kansas. Even by Kansas standards starting with winter in December. We have been having some dry and warmer winters the last few years, so we are thinking that we are due for a harder and colder winter. It is starting out with the cold. As I get older the cold is as hard to tolerate as the heat and humidity. But until I find that perfect place to live with a perfect climate, I will have to be happy where I am. Was born and raised here. Guess I will stay as long as God wants me to.

I had heard an old wives tale about the snow amounts, or number of snows that will happen based on the date of the first snow. I hope I get this right. I always get it mixed up. Whatever the number of the day was when the first snow fell on, you are supposed to get that many snows for that season. Our first snow was on October 31, 2017. I always think it is the inches of snow we will get. I certainly hope we don’t get 31 inches of snow! We need the moisture, but that is too much snow! 🙂 If anyone knows of this tale, or something like it, please feel free to let me know. I like these fun “facts”. It has happened that we have gotten a certain number of snows that matched whatever day if first fell on. So who knows, it could be true.

Have a great start to the New Year. And I pray that everyone will have a great full year of many pleasant surprises and life happenings. Hugs and New Year kisses to all!

Stay Safe and God Bless!


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