An Anniversary Prayer From

On this anniversary date of this terrible time, I want to honor all those who were affected by this tragedy. I also want to extend the prayer to all those around the world who have been, or will be affected by a terrible tragedy. My prayers for all of you and our countries who are great.

In 2001, I was an American Airlines flight attendant, serving passengers from New York to LA, Boston to Orlando and every major city in between. A Kansas girl living in New York City – I was fascinated by the energy there, the colorful personalities, subway camaraderie, and constant buzz of life. That summer I moved back to the Midwest, and left the excitement of the city behind, but my heart still held a vibrant picture of God’s precious creation – taxi horns, street vendors and all.

And then, 8:46 a.m. September 11. Do you remember where you were?

For many of us, it was business as usual that morning. Some were tuned in to TV already, and the lighthearted morning show changed suddenly to an unimaginable scene of terror. Is this really happening right now? Are those real people?

Some were driving to work, and what came over the radio sounded like a movie trailer – This must be a mistake.

Others got a call with a frightened voice on the other end of the line: What’s happening to our country? Are we safe? Is it going to be ok?

I thought of my fellow flight attendants flying the same routes I had flown, discovering that they would never make it to their destination. My heart broke for the city I had come to love.

How about you? What did you feel in those first moments?

On this 17-year anniversary of that sad day in our history, we honor the memory of those who lost lives and loved ones. And, we give thanks for those who had the courage to serve in the face of danger.

And, while Patriot Day (9/11) is recognized as the official day of remembrance for this tragic event, we know that any day is a good day to lift those most impacted up in prayer.

Dear Loving Father,

We pause to remember the great losses and courageous acts of September 11th. We lift up those who are still affected — Families of the victims, police officers, firemen, first responders and all who were involved. We pray for the light of Christ to flood the hearts of people everywhere. We believe you desire to redeem all your creation, and we trust that beauty will continue to come from the ashes of our darkest days. Surround us with your mighty angels of protection, give us compassion for one another in all life’s circumstances, and the courage to answer your call.


So when we ask ourselves, even today: What is happening to our country? Are we safe? Is it going to be ok? Here‘s what I know: God was there in the chaos, and He is with us in this moment. His heart may break for His precious children, but He is never surprised by our struggles. He goes before us; He can be trusted with every detail; and He is our safe place today, and for all eternity.

Let’s take today to remember… especially those who may feel the pain of this day most acutely.

God Bless Us All
He Loves Us All!

3 responses to “An Anniversary Prayer From

  1. Cheryl, this is a beautiful post that brought tears to my eyes reading it last night. I’m responding now just because I wanted to think on your words and let them resonate within me. Yesterday, I found myself back in the classroom (after being retired for a while) and I related the story of how, 17 years earlier, I was in the same the classroom building and what that day was like. I realized most of my students were either not even born yet or only babies. They really listened to what I had to say, and I was glad to inform them of that tragic day.

    I didn’t know you were an airline flight attendant — would be weird if you’d been on a flight I’d taken. I’ll admit, I don’t fly much these days, I’ve developed a “bit” of “flying fear,” but I do admire the crews of airplanes who always take that risk of going up, never sure who’s onboard with what intent. But as you say, God is always there, always present.

    Thank you for writing this lovely, lovely post, Cheryl. I wish you a beautiful Tuesday.

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  2. Hi, Cheryl. I’m not sure you’re still blogging, or if you’ll even see this message, but I’ve been watching the news of the terrible weather (tornadoes) in what I think is your part of the country. Anyway, I thought of you and I do hope you’re staying safe if you’re affected by this nasty weather.

    Hope all is well with you. I don’t blog anymore, but I do have a website/blog ( Wishing you and yours a happy spring 2019!
    Deb Levy (C-Dog & Company)

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