Playing Around with My Site

Well, I am still here and doing a course on Blogging. I started this blog back in 2013. I have missed several years of posting simply because I kind of lost steam, wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, and because life happens.

I debated back and forth on whether to keep the blog, or delete the blog. I have missed all my blogging friends and lost some by them not blogging any more or what ever they have been doing, or not doing. Covid played a big part, and the world gone crazy has played a part too.

I have decided mostly to stay on for awhile longer. I want to try and share my faith in Jesus Christ and want to pray for all. And just post about our life on the farm.

I hope anyone who decides to read and maybe follow me, will enjoy my blog and get something good out of it. I hope to make you laugh now and then, and hopefully not cry too much.

Thank you for reading and following. Have a wonderful and Blessed Day.

God Bless!

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